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IPC Ministry Itinerary

IPC Ministry Itinerary

IPC Ministry Itinerary
  • Phoenix, Arizona: Jan 28 - Feb 1, 2009 (International Leadership Summit)

For information on ministries trips, please send an email to dennis@ipc11.org.



Feedback from Conferences

  • Letter from a host church Pastor in New Mexico

    Dear Kathy and Dennis:

    I wanted to again just thank you so much for your ministry to us through the Prophetic seminar. I really believe it was a significant event in the history of our church. I thought the materials were the best I've ever seen on the subject. I loved the way you all presented the materials. I especially appreciated your honesty, humility, and transparency. It really gave the people a sense of confidence that any of us could actually participate in this.

    From the stand point of our church, I believed it helped us move from a genuine feeling of uneasiness about the prophetic. The attitude was kind of like "I know we have to accept this, but we won't enjoy it, and things will probably get weird" too an attitude of "this could really be wonderful, helpful, and a huge boost to advance the work of God among us."

    Since the seminar we've followed up with a class to process what we've learned. We've already seen people growing more confident in this gift. We have had some wonderful prophetic words from people who had not prophesied before.

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